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Writer / Director

The Silent People

During a cost-of-living crisis, a young mixed-race Scotswoman and a working-class singer from Dublin are evicted without warning. After a year homeless on the streets, their old landlord crosses their path, and they take him hostage.


A Bitter Pill

They say it takes a village to raise a child. How does that work in a pandemic? After a year of being stuck at home, a stressed-out young couple, both at university and raising their young boy, have a night out as soon as the clubs re-open, despite protest from some loved ones. Words and actions from everyone throughout the preceding year have an impact on the chaos that ensues, but reality is hard to swallow.


A short family drama, set in 1943. A curious and boisterous orphan boy spends the weekend at a house in rural Armagh, and he gets himself into bother involving a local legend.

Saving Santa

A smart and compassionate young girl, dealing with the death of her mother, finds comfort in helping a destitute looking man who bears a striking resemblance to 'Santa Claus'.

A Short Film About Fear

A meditation on the nature of fear, cause and effect as seen through the eyes of a child.

Vótaí Do Mhná

The story of how Irishwomen obtained the right to vote is a story of organisation and bravery in the face of ignorance, indifference and hostility.

Ballaí Dhoire

This film looks at the history of Derry City from the earliest reference to a site to its emergence as a key monastic settlement founded by Colmcille in c. 546AD. Primarily it examines its turbulent history as a colonial acquisition from the early 1600s to its use in the present day.

Bram Stoker agus Dracula

A look at the life of Bram Stoker and the various influences on the creation of his most famous novel and character, 'Dracula'.

Tubaiste Bhaile Mhánais

An investigation into the events surrounding the explosion of a sea-mine in Ballymanus, Co.Donegal in 1943, killing 19 people.

Not Normal

A mockumentary. A tourism reporter informs the British public about the wonders of Northern Ireland.

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