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Operation Pablo

Operation Pablo

Produced By Keith O'Grady & Louise O'Grady 

Written & Directed By Karen Quinn

Post-pandemic, on a council estate, a little girl befriends a stray dog, and enlists the help of an ice-cream man to save it from the dog pound.

Cast: Grace Callan, James Lecky, Jonny Everett, Gemma Walker-Farren

Currently in Post-production. For release in 2024.

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Idle hands

Written & Directed By Ronan Kerrigan 

Executive Producer & DoP Keith O'Grady

A young couple struggle to keep their relationship together, when an affair and a gambling problem come between them.

Main Cast: Elisha McCrory, Ronan Kerrigan

Currently in post-production. For release in 2024.

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