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In Development

The Hunt for Red Hugh / Ag Lorg

an Iarla
Feature documentary

The Life of Donegal Clan leader Red Hugh O'Donnell


A landmark historical documentary, inspired by the dig for the remains of Red Hugh O'Donnell in Valladolid in Spain. This will be a mix of history and science, a detective story recounting High's life and the search for him. Currently in Development with TG4 and the Irish Language Broadcast Fund, administered by NI Screen.


A Co-production with Abú Media, Galway.

In development with TG4 and ILBF

Producer: Pierce Boyce, Director: Keith O'Grady

Writers: Pierce Boyce & Keith O'Grady



Short drama

A teenage girl gets tangled up with the wrong person, who she has been talking to online - a young troublemaker just out of prison. 


Co-Production with FNI

Producer: Keith O'Grady, Writer: Cillian Daly

Director: Paul Butler Lennox


The Oath

Feature film. Horror.


A brilliant vampire tale, with an origin story going back more than 2000 years. 


Written by Christian Kotey

Producer Keith O'Grady

Director Christian Kotey

The Last Stand

3rd draft script – Western

Bill Bundy escapes from Montana State Prison and goes on the run again. This time, the Marshal aims to end it when he catches up with him at a farmer's home.

Written By Jonny Fulton & Keith O'Grady.

Directed By Keith O'Grady

Seeking a co-production partner 


The Lollipop Man

Feature film – Revenge thriller

A man returns from a long stint in England, and poses as a Child crossing guard while tracking down his father's killers.

Written & Directed By Keith O'Grady

Seeking co-production partners

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