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2005 Produced for DFI

A young Prince is visited by the Ghost of his father and compelled to vengeance - but can he stop thinking for long enough to do it?

Main Cast: Stephen Cavanagh, Simone Kirby, Chris Patrick-Simpson, James Lecky


2009 Brassneck Productions

short film about fear

A Short Film About Fear

2014 Brassneck Productions for NI Screen

Two years after a womans death, her depressed widower is now an alcoholic and her young teenage son is trying to raise himself in an Irish council estate, while looking after his dad. 

Main Cast: Sean Canning, James Lecky, Gerry Doherty

A meditation on the nature of fear, cause and effect as seen through the eyes of a child. 

Main Cast: Luke O'Grady, Gerry Doherty, Maeve Connelly


Saving Santa

2017 Brassneck Productions
for NI Screen

A smart and compassionate young girl, dealing with the death of her mother, finds comfort in helping a destitute looking man who bears a striking resemblance to 'Santa Claus'.

Main Cast: Éva Morris, Paul Ronan, Gordon Fulton

prince of pies.jpg

The Prince of Pies

2018 Lamb Films & Brassneck Productions

A stubborn and tiring middle-aged man, who has voices in his ear telling him what to do, is assigned to 'deal with' a much younger apparently troublesome man, but struggles to come to the right decision. 

Main Cast: Andy Doherty, Ronan Carr, Paul Ronan, Gerry Doherty

Truckers na hEireann.png

Truckers na hÉireann

2019 Clean Slate TV for TG4

An insight into and a celebration of the working lives of Irish truck drivers. In an age when the number of young men entering the industry is nosediving, the average age of drivers is rising and Brexit is on the horizon, no matter what challenges are put in front of them, these truckers just keep on going.

An Coláiste Éireannach

2015 Tern TV for BBC & ILBF

Dr Art Hughes looks at the history of the many Irish colleges that appeared all over Europe in the 16th and 17th century, which served as sanctuaries for the numerous Irish people who fled their country or were deported in those times.

Border Tales poster.jpg

Border Tales

2021 Brassneck Productions for RCC & Donegal Council

Grandparents recount tales to their grandchildren, of living in the Border area of the Northwest of Ireland before and during the period known as 'The Troubles'.

Colmcille An Naomh Dana

Colmcille: An Naomh Dána

2021 Abú Media, Brassneck Productions & MacTV for TG4 & BBC ALBA

He was at the centre of a bloody battle and founded a monastery that became a beacon of civilisation in the Dark Ages. He's even said to have taken on the Loch Ness Monster. But who was Colmcille, the Irish abbot, known in Scotland as St. Columba. 

Main Cast: Andrew Porter, Pól Penrose, Michael Cloke, Niall Mac Eachmharcaigh

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