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Timber Films® is the trading name of Brassneck Productions, based in the Northwest of Ireland.  We are an award-winning Film & TV production company. We provide production and direction services, camera and lighting hire, and post-production services.


We work across genres and film and TV forms, and have extensive experience shooting throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe, and have contacts in many European countries.


We are actively seeking new scripts and programme proposals, and are happy to co-produce either as major or minority partners on projects.

We’ve an in-depth knowledge of funding and locations available in Ireland, North and South.

We’re a fully kitted out for production, and have our own Full post-production facilities.


If you have something you’d like us to have a look at, please get in touch. We are always looking for partners who enjoy life, and are creative, hard-working, professional and passionate.



  • Production

  • Direction

  • Camera

  • Post-Production

  • Development

  • Writing

  • Script Consultancy

We provide full production services, and production management services. We can advise on all aspects of production needs in Ireland, North and South, and can advise on financing.

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